Student Motivation in Rittenhouse, PA

  • No matter their age, finding ways to keep children fully engaged in the learning process can prove difficult for parents. Keeping the material as entertaining and intellectually stimulating as possible can seem like an uphill battle. However, with our after-school programs dealing with student motivation in Rittenhouse, PA, Right Steps® Education can help your children develop the essential study skills they need to succeed!

    Right Steps® Education provides a unique before and after school learning experience to keep up student’s motivation in Rittenhouse, PA, in a stimulating environment. Teachers reinforce skills learned throughout the day while supporting independent thinking.

    Program Features

    • Homework support focusing on logical thinking
    • Socialization of peers in an educational environment
    • Fitness activities to keep students safe, active and healthy
    • Choices to explore own areas of interest in a learning environment
  • afterschool

  • Developing an inclusive and engaging curriculum for after-hours programs for our students helps them continue their development outside of the classroom and helps provide structure to their days while their parents are at work. We focus on providing a safe and structured environment for the children. Our after-school programs are available for children up to 12-years-old.

  • “Best Education, Nutrition, Best Care for Kids!”

  • Develop Essential Study Skills

    Learning how to absorb and study school materials at a young age can help your children be better prepared for the challenges of higher education levels. Instilling these good study habits early can help position your children for academic success, and our after-school program is here to help them prepare!

    The further up the education ladder your children go, the more actively independent they need to be for their ongoing studies. Our after-school programs are designed to boost our students’ motivation in our Rittenhouse, PA, Churchville, and Richboro facilities to help our students develop study skills that will serve them well in higher grades.

    We design our programs to emphasize the importance of inclusive education and forming good study habits for their futures. Our after-school programs in Philly Proper aim to provide these students with structured and organized time between the time the school day ends and when their parents can come and pick them up.

    Utilizing a program focused on homework support, we help students of varying ages learn how to approach their assignments with logical thinking and complete them confidently. In addition to focusing on student motivation through our Rittenhouse, PA, programs, we also focus on providing students with the opportunity to practice their socialization skills with peers outside of their immediate family.

    After-school programs are only one pillar of our programs designed to help foster an atmosphere of learning and childhood development. In addition to boosting student motivation in our Rittenhouse, PA, and inclusive education with these after school programs, our expertly trained staff also offers courses and specialized care for:

    Right Steps® Education has facilities in Churchville, Richboro, and within the confines of Philly Proper. For more information about our various programs or to begin the enrollment process, contact the Right Steps® Education team today!

    • Infants

      A nurturing, creative program supporting every unique patterns for development, feeding and sleeping.
    • Toddlers

      Toddler classrooms support learning through sensory experiences that enhance cognitive, language, motor and social skills.
    • Preschool

      Preschool is an exciting time for children as they begin the adventure of a lifetime of learning.
    • Kindergarten

      Kindergarten students are encouraged to be responsible productive members of society by showing them how they can make a difference in their world!
    • After School

      Right Steps ® Provides a unique before and after school learning experience to keep students motivated and focused in a stimulating environment.
    • Summer Camp

      Exciting experiments, engaging activities, playing games, creating music, fascinating facts and fantastic field trips! (Available for children up to 12-years-old)