Educational Program

  • Educational Program

    Our curriculum is built on daily learning activities with a focus on challenging children, creativity, logical thinking and social skills . Right Steps ® supports many different approaches to learning through our Global Education curriculum, which incorporates all the best methodology from around the world. Based on the Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood, we also include aspects of Creative Curriculum, Reggio Emilia Approach and Global Education. Our key learning areas are:

    • Approaches to learning through play
    • Creative thinking and expression
    • Cognitive thinking and general knowledge
    • Mathematical thinking and expression
    • Scientific thinking and technology
    • Social studies thinking
    • Health wellness and physical development
    • Language and literacy development
    • Partnerships with families and communities
    • Social and emotional development

    Each classroom is divided into areas of interest to provide a meaningful learning experience in every part of the classroom. At least five different centers are available to provide children with a variety of leaning experiences. All centers are organized so the children can use them independently while being guided by the teacher. Our daily observations and assessments help our teachers to navigate our children.


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