Kindergarten Care in Rittenhouse, PA

  • As kids continue to mature and move further into organized schooling, parents have more expectations for the ongoing cognitive development in their children. Finding the right institution can provide them with the care and structure they need to continue their educational foundation. With the help of the early childhood education experts at Right Steps® Education, your child can continue with their ongoing cognitive development! Our team serves students and families within Philly Proper, Churchville, Richboro, and the surrounding areas.

    Program Features

    • Exposure to a variety of opportunities for reading, writing, listening and speaking
    • Hands-on approach to allow children to take ownership over their learning
    • Real life application of knowledge through mathematic, scientific and social studies discovery
    • Analysis of creative expressions including music, dance and art
    • Taking responsibility for one as own actions
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  • Our kindergarten care in Rittenhouse, PA, helps our students focus on what they need to focus on during these critical developmental years. Kindergarten students are encouraged to be responsible, productive members of society by showing them how to make a difference in their world! We support their individual approaches to learning while teaching them the skills, confidence, and independence they need to succeed in school. Students build on existing knowledge to develop new conclusions and understandings of life experiences. Beginning with high expectations encourages children to realize their own potential.

  • “Best Education, Nutrition, Best Care for Kids!”

  • Early Childhood Education

    With most early childhood education, you want programs that help your young students develop skills they will use throughout their lives, both inside and outside the classroom. Our specialized kindergarten care in Rittenhouse, PA, helps children learn the basics of the core curriculum and improve their reading, writing, and overall socialization skills as they begin to interact with more of their peers and adults outside their immediate family.

    Our focus on providing the most effective education stimulation for our students helps keep them engaged with the lessons and feel like active participants in the learning process. We help build their educational foundation for their ascent up the academic ladder.

    Cognitive Development In Children

    Focusing on assisting and furthering the ongoing cognitive development in children through our specialized curriculum allows our staff to provide the care they need as they begin their educational journey in earnest. Our expertly trained kindergarten care in Rittenhouse, PA, helps our students meet their developmental and educational milestones and get themselves ready for the next steps in their journey.

    Providing the right education stimulation can help children in their ongoing cognitive development. Our staff focuses on creating a safe and secure learning environment where our students in and around Philly Proper can become active participants in the learning process and feel like they get something out of their experience.

    In addition to providing expert kindergarten care in Rittenhouse, PA, our expertly trained staff specializes in education programs for:

    With the right kindergarten care program in Rittenhouse, PA, your child will get the most out of their school experience. Not only does our staff help students within Philly Proper, but we also have serve the Churchville and Richboro areas as well.

    Learn more about our various programs and discover how our kindergarten care can help your children’s ongoing educational development today!

    • Infants

      A nurturing, creative program supporting every unique patterns for development, feeding and sleeping.
    • Toddlers

      Toddler classrooms support learning through sensory experiences that enhance cognitive, language, motor and social skills.
    • Preschool

      Preschool is an exciting time for children as they begin the adventure of a lifetime of learning.
    • Kindergarten

      Kindergarten students are encouraged to be responsible productive members of society by showing them how they can make a difference in their world!
    • After School

      Right Steps ® Provides a unique before and after school learning experience to keep students motivated and focused in a stimulating environment.
    • Summer Camp

      Exciting experiments, engaging activities, playing games, creating music, fascinating facts and fantastic field trips! (Available for children up to 12-years-old)