Global Education

  • Global Education

    Right Steps ® Global Education program provides children with the opportunity to be a part of diverse experiences children all over the world are encountering every day. Teachers guide children towards a greater understanding of their place in the world and why they are so important. Children begin to relate and compare their lives to the lives of children around the world. Global Education exposes children to a variety of exciting materials which teaches children to value diversity starting in our own communities and extending far beyond our borders. Global Education is represented in numerous ways throughout our facility each day. Right Steps ® includes images and works of art from around the world, as well as dolls and toys from various countries. Childrens literature is selected to enhance our understanding of ethnic and cultural diversity. Music and songs from around the world are incorporated into learning experiences within our classrooms. Global Education is an ever-present thread woven throughout all curriculum areas each day to support the children growing up in our ever-changing culturally rich environment.

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