Child Care Center in Bella Vista

  • Your child’s education is one of the most important parts of their life, and they’ll be spending most of their childhood years at school. So give your child the advanced start they deserve with the best infant care, toddler care, preschool care, kindergarten care, and after-school care in Bella Vista: Right Steps Education!

    At our boutique childcare center in Bella Vista, our caring staff creates an environment that nurtures holistic growth and development through special activities tailored to each child. Come experience the power of high-quality education with us by enrolling your child today, or reach out to our team for more information!

  • pre-school

  • “Best Education, Nutrition, Best Care for Kids!”

  • Infant Care in Bella Vista

    Our infant care program provides your baby with a loving, attentive, and safe environment. We offer personalized care for all infants, focusing on their individual needs and abilities. Activities include playtime, tummy time, storytime, music and art projects, and much more.

    Toddler Care in Bella Vista

    Our toddler care program is designed for children aged one to three years. Our experienced teachers provide a nurturing, hands-on learning environment that helps your toddler develop confidence and competence. From sharing and potty training to foundational literacy and math skills, we teach it all and more at our childcare center in Bella Vista!

    Preschool Care in Bella Vista

    The preschool years are all about exploration, creativity, and fun. Our preschool care program is designed to embrace this joyful and active stage of life while helping your child continue developing their literacy, numeracy, and fine motor skills. Your preschooler will enjoy free play, music, art projects, dramatic play, outdoor playtime, and much more. Each child will also get the chance to practice critical interpersonal skills as they prepare for kindergarten, such as cooperation, patience, taking turns, and being kind to others.

    Kindergarten Care in Bella Vista

    Right Steps offers kindergarten care for children aged four through six. Activities include (but are not limited to!) reading, writing, math, science, music, art, dance, dramatic play, and outdoor exploration. We’ll also continue to help your child develop their social skills through activities that involve working as a team, problem-solving, and expressing emotions appropriately.

    After-School Care in Bella Vista

    Is your child past kindergarten age? We also offer enriching and engaging after-school care at our childcare center in Bella Vista for students aged six through 12, including exciting extracurricular trips and activities perfect for children of all ages.

    About Bella Vista

    Bella Vista in Philadelphia is a charming neighborhood with something for everyone. Within this vibrant district, you’ll find restaurants of all kinds, from upscale bistros to traditional Italian eateries and vegan options. Quaint shops and boutiques offer unique goods, while art galleries and museums provide educational experiences. And with lively green spaces like Palumbo Park, it’s easy to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature in this part of the city. So whether you’re looking for a daycare in Bella Vista or visiting from afar, this community has plenty to offer!

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    Getting a head start in life matters even more than you think, and the right childcare can make a big difference! To enroll your child in our daycare or childcare center in Bella Vista, fill out our online application form today, and you’ll hear from us soon. We’re looking forward to meeting you and your child!

    • Infants

      A nurturing, creative program supporting every unique patterns for development, feeding and sleeping.
    • Toddlers

      Toddler classrooms support learning through sensory experiences that enhance cognitive, language, motor and social skills.
    • Preschool

      Preschool is an exciting time for children as they begin the adventure of a lifetime of learning.
    • Kindergarten

      Kindergarten students are encouraged to be responsible productive members of society by showing them how they can make a difference in their world!
    • After School

      Right Steps ® Provides a unique before and after school learning experience to keep students motivated and focused in a stimulating environment.
    • Summer Camp

      Exciting experiments, engaging activities, playing games, creating music, fascinating facts and fantastic field trips! (Available for children up to 12-years-old)