Technology and Safety

  • Technology and Safety

    As the worlds technology constantly changes, Right Steps ® believes it is important and beneficial to introduce technology to young children as a valuable learning tool within the classroom. Each center is equipped with a SMART Board, which is an interactive child-friendly whiteboard that allows children to direct and actively participate in their learning. As natural manipulators, children can experience technology with a hands-on approach in a safe and secure environment within the comfort of their own classrooms. Technology is also incorporated through our Phonemic Awareness Program. Right Steps ® uses wireless headphones to listen to stories, rhyming activities and songs. It helps children to develop listening skills as well as focusing on reading comprehension and vocabulary.

    The safety of your child is the number one priority at Right Steps ®. We provide a number of ways to ensure that your child is safe and secure while in our care. Right Steps ® facilities are protected by Procare software which provides access to authorized individuals entering a center. All Right Steps ® locations have constant video surveillance cameras both outside the buildings and within each classroom and playground(s). All furniture upholds high standards for health, safety, and environmental responsibility.

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