Preschool Program in Rittenhouse Square, PA

  • The first steps towards a more organized school and classroom setting begin in preschool. Once here, students begin to engage in that classroom setting with their peers for the first time and are introduced to a more structured form of hands-on learning. Finding the right preschool in Rittenhouse Square, PA, means finding an institution that encourages a nurturing environment and an inclusive classroom. Right Steps® Education is here to help!

    Program Features

    • Small group activities encourage peer cooperation and teamwork
    • Active participation in logical thinking and problem-solving situations
    • Develop comprehension of literacy experiences and concepts of print
    • Following multiple-step instructions
    • Using their senses to explore, observe, and collect knowledge about the world around them
    • Encourage self-expression through dance, music, and artistic creations
  • pre-school

  • Preschool is an exciting time for children as they begin the adventure of a lifetime of learning. Right Steps® provides opportunities for developing a solid foundation for children’s future success. Classrooms and indoor playrooms are set up with a variety of learning areas to ensure development across all learning domains. Children are encouraged to be independent and develop self-care skills. Right Steps® provides meaningful learning experiences by relating to real-life situations.

  • “Best Education, Nutrition, Best Care for Kids!”

  • Ongoing Child Development

    As your child continues to grow into a well-rounded person, finding the right nurturing environment to provide your child with effective learning stimulation becomes increasingly important. Our preschool in Rittenhouse, PA, aims to provide our students with an inclusive classroom that engages in hands-on and play-based learning to help with their ongoing natural communication and development.

    Encouraging students to actively participate in the learning process, with the help of our indoor playroom and our staff, turns child development and stimulation into a productive learning environment conducive to learning and furthering their development.

    As your children dive deeper into the world of organized learning, they need programs designed to nurture their inherent curiosity and allow them to develop at their own pace. We have created a program where we can help your child feel safe in their learning environment and further develop their skills for higher grades.

    Hands-On Learning

    Our preschool in Rittenhouse Square, PA, within Philly Proper, encourages ongoing child development and learning stimulation through engaging hands-on play-based learning. We help build their natural communication skills and interpersonal relationships by keeping them engaged throughout the day.

    Our staff works with the students to become more proactive participants in their learning experiences. Whether in our Philly Proper, Churchville, or Richboro locations, we work to ensure our students come away with a positive outlook on learning and enjoy their experiences with our team.

    In addition to our stellar preschool in Rittenhouse Square, PA, Right Steps® Education also provides the following programs:

    The Right Steps® Education preschool in Rittenhouse Square, PA, and our locations in Churchville and Richboro aim to provide our students with a thoroughly engaging and nurturing environment for their ongoing learning and development, allowing them to further develop into well-rounded children.

    For more information about our programs or to begin the enrollment process, contact the Right Steps® Education team today!

    The Benefits of a Quality Preschool Program to a Child’s Future

    At Right Steps®, we recognize the profound impact a quality private preschool program can have on a child’s development and future success. Our preschool program is designed to provide young learners with a strong foundation in essential educational and social skills, setting them up for a successful transition to kindergarten and beyond. Here are some key benefits of enrolling your child in a quality preschool program:

    • Early Academic Achievement: Children who attend quality preschool programs show improved reading and math skills that prepare them for the academic demands of school.
    • Enhanced Social Skills: Our program encourages children to interact with peers in a structured setting, fostering social skills such as sharing, cooperation, and listening.
    • Emotional Development: Participating in a preschool program helps children develop emotional resilience and self-confidence, which are critical for their ongoing education.
    • Cognitive Growth: Quality preschool programs stimulate cognitive development through activities that challenge young minds, such as problem-solving tasks and memory games.
    • Preparation for Formal Schooling: Children who attend preschool are better prepared for the structure of a school day, understand classroom rules, and generally adapt more easily to the learning environment.
    • Long-Term Educational Benefits: Studies show that children who participate in quality preschool programs are more likely to perform well in school, graduate from high school, and pursue higher education.

    The Difference Between Preschool and Pre-K

    The terms “preschool” and “pre-K” both refer to early childhood educational settings designed for young children, but they serve slightly different age groups and educational purposes within the realm of early learning. Preschool programs typically cater to children ages two to four, focusing broadly on developing basic social, emotional, and cognitive skills. The curriculum is generally less structured, providing a play-based learning environment that helps children explore and understand the world around them.

    In contrast, pre-K (or pre-kindergarten) specifically targets older preschoolers, usually four to five years old, who are one year away from entering kindergarten. Pre-K programs are more structured and focus on readiness skills for formal schooling, emphasizing academic foundations such as literacy and numeracy. In both settings, qualified teachers play a crucial role in nurturing a child’s development, employing age-appropriate practices that support the holistic growth of young learners.

    Contact Us for More Information on Enrolling Your Child in Our Preschool Program

    Choosing the right preschool program for your child is a crucial decision for any parent. At Right Steps®, we are dedicated to providing quality preschool seats to eligible children and families, offering an enriching experience that counts towards lifelong learning. Whether you are looking for a head start on your child’s education or seeking a comprehensive preschool program that prepares children for kindergarten, we are here to help.

    • Visit Our Facilities: We invite you to visit our school to see our programs in action, meet our dedicated staff, and learn more about our curriculum.
    • Eligibility Information: Our program is available to families with children of preschool age, providing quality educational opportunities to those who are eligible.
    • How to Enroll: Enrolling your child in our program is straightforward. Contact us today to find out more about the enrollment process and how to secure a place for your child in the upcoming school year.

    We understand that the early years of a child’s education are critically important. As such, our staff at Right Steps® is committed to working with you to ensure your child receives the benefits of a quality preschool education. For more information or to schedule a visit, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are excited to welcome your family to our community!

    Our Programs

    Learn more about our various programs and discover how our kindergarten care can help your children’s ongoing educational development today!

    • Infants

      A nurturing, creative program supporting every unique patterns for development, feeding and sleeping.
    • Toddlers

      Toddler classrooms support learning through sensory experiences that enhance cognitive, language, motor and social skills.
    • Preschool

      Preschool is an exciting time for children as they begin the adventure of a lifetime of learning.
    • Kindergarten

      Kindergarten students are encouraged to be responsible productive members of society by showing them how they can make a difference in their world!
    • After School

      Right Steps ® Provides a unique before and after school learning experience to keep students motivated and focused in a stimulating environment.
    • Summer Camp

      Exciting experiments, engaging activities, playing games, creating music, fascinating facts and fantastic field trips! (Available for children up to 12-years-old)