Benefits Of Summer Camp For Preschoolers

July 21, 2019

Summer camp is an excellent place for school-aged kids to get out of the house and keep learning in a fun way. But what most people don’t realize is that preschoolers can get a lot out of summer camps as well.

One of summer camp’s main benefits is the introduction of structure. Taking your kids to summer camp can help ease that jarring transition from carefree toddler to the more structured preschool environment; thus, they’ll also be more confident when it’s finally time for elementary school. Your child can learn basic rules like getting along with others, following a schedule, listening to instructions, keeping track of belongings (like a backpack and a lunchbox), and other essentials.

Speaking of getting along with others, summer camp provides a safe and friendly environment for kids to meet other kids and learn how to socialize. Your child can be exposed to a diverse set of backgrounds and perspectives early on, which can help them learn how to relate to various types of people. Building friendships is facilitated further through summer camp activities. We’ll get to those in a minute.

In a similar vein, preschoolers can get their first taste of independence at summer camp. Camp counselors will watch over your child, but they give them plenty of space to meet new friends and create their own fun while still teaching responsibility. Such newfound independence can make young kids feel like a “big kid”, which is a huge confidence booster for them.

Of course, summer camps provide plenty of opportunities for physical activity so preschoolers can burn all that little-kid energy and learn a sport or two while they’re at it. Some camps focus exclusively on a specific sport, while others offer more general opportunities so kids can pick which activities look fun. Almost every summer camp, including Right Steps’s, give swimming lessons so your child can overcome any fears of the water they may have and learn basic water safety skills. No matter what, your child will get plenty of exercise, learn healthy habits early, and be all tired out and ready for bed when you come to get them at the end of the day/

Does your preschooler have a baby sibling? They’re probably tired of competing with your newborn child for your attention; summer camp will give them a break from trying to steal the spotlight back from their baby brother or sister. Also, since they’ll be learning a lot of “big kid” stuff”, they’ll come back feeling more like a “big kid” themselves.

As you can see, summer camp isn’t just for school-aged children; preschoolers can get just as much (if not more) out of a quality summer camp like Right Steps’s. After having a grand time at one of our summer camps, your child will be much readier for the big transition to preschool if they aren’t yet there and if they are, the even bigger transition to elementary school.

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