Benefits of Summer Camp

March 14, 2018

Are you wondering if summer camp is a good idea for your kids? Many people start looking into camp ideas as the weather gets warmer, so now is the perfect opportunity to find out more. At Right Steps ® Education of Bucks County, we provide a nurturing, boutique preschool environment for children and we’ve got a few good reasons for you to consider summer camp this season.

At camp, children spend their time being physically active. Nowadays, many kids spend a lot of their free time indoors. At most summer camps, children get to enjoy the outdoors and participate in several sports, like swimming, hiking, climbing, and biking. The camp is exciting for many kids who might not have as many opportunities to be outdoors, otherwise.

Camp also helps kids gain confidence. Children aren’t pressured by many of the academic competition that comes from some school environments, so they have a chance to succeed in a fun setting. The non-competitive nature of a summer camp is a great way to let kids enjoy themselves without high expectations.

Children also learn resiliency at summer camp. Most kids find that camp gives them the kind of encouragement that’s required to endure setbacks and to try new activities that they might not experience anywhere else. Most summer camps offer a wide range of activities, so there’s always something new to try.

Another reason that summer camps are great is because they coax kids to unplug from the technology that is so pervasive in their lives today. At camp, they have a chance to forget the cell phones and the televisions in order to rediscover their own creative endeavors. When kids have the opportunity to try new activities that are not part of an electronic device, they learn more about themselves and the people around them.

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