Benefits of a Reggio Emilia Education

January 31, 2017

At Right Steps ® Education of Bucks County, we know that you want is best for your child. We offer a broad range of activities in our boutique childcare setting, and our highly-trained teachers focus their energies on challenging the intellectual curiosity of the children who come to our program. Our curriculum is founded on principles that seek to stimulate the creativity, logical thinking and social skills of every child who comes through our doors.

Because each child is unique, right Steps make a point of supporting a wide range of approaches to learning. Our Global Education curriculum incorporates a wide range of methodologies from all across the globe. This curriculum also incorporates the Reggio Emilia approach to education which proves to offer a highly engaging and thoughtful approach to learning for small children. By implementing the Reggio Emilia approach, our unique preschool and childcare environment fosters a love for learning and encourages both social and emotional growth of the child.

At Right Steps ®, we believe that the Reggio Emilio approach to education has many specific benefits. This approach allows our teachers to engage children in meaningful and creative activities. The approach focuses on using developmentally appropriate materials and activities, which in turn help encourage the child’s creative thinking and expression. It also encourages scientific thinking and works to develop the child’s social and emotional development.

The Reggio Emilia approach is based on an educational philosophy that came out of Italy after World War II, a time when parents were seeking a new approach to teaching their children. The model was formed as a result of their beliefs that children formed their individuality in the early years of their development. Reggio Emilia came to represent a model that worked on developing respect, community involvement and responsibility. At Right Steps ®, we know that these values are nurtured early on, and we work to ensure that our children find a safe and nurturing environment in our center.

Because children are seen as constructors of their own knowledge in the Reggio Emilia approach, at Right Steps ® we allow the children to explore their creative sides, as well. We offer a diverse music program among other excellent educational offerings. We know that if your child comes to our center, you’ll be in for a positive educational adventure. Our highly qualified teachers are ready to assist with any questions or concerns that you might have, as well.

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