BIOGRAPGY – Eric Berger

  • BIOGRAPGY – Eric Berger M.D., FAAP | Pediatrician

    Even though he is a relative newcomer to Philadelphia, Dr. Eric Berger is proud to open the first new general pediatrics office in Center City in more than 15 years. In 1998 he came to Philly to train in Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with every intention of returning to jobs waiting for him in his hometown, Atlanta, Georgia. However, he became firmly planted here within 2 years after falling in love with Center City and his now wife, Melissa.


    Prior to starting CCP in 2008, he worked as a full-time general pediatrician at a pediatric practice in NE Philadelphia and as a part-time pediatric hospitalist at Holy Redeemer Hospital. During that period, he taught University of Pennsylvania medical students, fulfilled his requirements for board certification in developmental pediatrics, and spearheaded the AAP Medical Home Project. Dr Berger also helped start a part-time developmental pediatrics specialty clinic at Special People in the Northeast which he hopes to one day to resume at CCP.


    In starting Center City Pediatrics, Dr. Berger hopes to utilize technology and his experience to build a comprehensive, collaborative, family centered general pediatrics practice located 6 blocks from his home in Fitler Square.


    Dr. Berger attended Washington University in St. Louis, where he majored in History and earned the school’s highest award for service and academic achievement. He then attended medical school at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine on a full academic scholarship. He completed his general pediatrics training in 1998 at Emory University School of Medicine, where he was recognized for earning the top score in his residency class on his general pediatrics board certification exam.


    In addition to developmentally focused general pediatrics, he is interested in international travel. He has given medical lectures in China, run a pediatric ward in Zambia, Africa, and most recently, served as medical director on a trip to Israel for young adults with special needs.

    Dr. Berger lives with his wife, Melissa, who is a pediatrician at The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, and their son, Benjamin Harry

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