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October 03, 2014

Right Steps ® Education is a boutique preschool and childcare center that offers a wholesome and educational experience for every child who walks through its doors. At Right Steps ®, the focus is on a tireless dedication to expanding every child’s world in a delightful and educational atmosphere. “Our children deserve the best” is our motto, and we strive to make this happen. We incorporate open communication that is committed to creating a partnership between parents and staff. Taking individual development goals to heart, we aim to ensure that each student learns at an appropriate level.

Regina Reydler and her husband created Right Steps ® after they were inspired by a trip to France. According to Reydler, they started Right Steps ® “…because we wanted to provide our own children with something above and beyond what they were offered in preschool.” Regina, through Right Steps ®, dedicates herself to providing the experiences and tools necessary for education and development, including the importance of global education. Field trips to area cultural institutions, coupled with advanced technology, allows students to interact with classrooms across the globe. The philosophy of education at Right Steps ® is included in the core of the various curriculums.

If you’re looking for a unique learning environment for your child, considering Right Steps ® is a great option. We offer an inspiring educational environment and we believe that every single child is important. Because of our philosophy, we proudly offer a variety of programs that serve infants to kindergarten and even after-school programs that encourage educational and inspirational thought processes.


For infants, only at the grasping and crawling stages, we offer a range of educational activities for them to enjoy. Our toddlers get to strengthen their curiosities by interacting with others, and our preschoolers have the chance to both learn about independence and begin their love of learning and cooperation. Pre-K children continue to learn and develop their critical thinking skills which nourishes their growing academic minds. Kindergartners learn to socialize and develop individual leadership. All of our activities and lessons are designed with the goal of adhering to the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards skills.

At Right Steps ®, we strive to create meaningful before and after learning experiences to keep our children motivated and engaged outside of the classroom. The teachers at our various locations focus on a variety of subjects every day, including language and literacy, mathematics, science and technology. The entire faculty is devoted to academic excellence and has a variety of educational backgrounds. Our tender and compassionate staff offer high-quality education in a warm and loving environment. Every child feels respected.

Our comprehensive curriculum includes monthly thematic units, group learning, interactive experience, music, art, outdoor activities. We keep our children active by allowing plenty of time for running, catching and rolling. Physical activity encourages sensory and motor skills, and promotes a love of fitness in a safe environment. At Right Steps ®, education is key and according to parents, the curriculum is both advanced and comprehensive. We encourage the study of other cultures, and utilize a smart board to give tours of historical locations. Our philosophy combines a balance of education, communication and technology, and this shows in the nurturing environment we have created in each of our locations.

We believe that children are best powered by a healthy body; therefore, nutrition plays an important role in our program. “You are what you eat,” so we offer a wholesome and delicious menu. Regular hand washing and a “clean step” policy where children remove outside footwear in the classroom keeps our absentee list to a minimum. We have child-friendly materials, and our state-of-the-art facility is designed with a specific layout to best suit the educational needs of each student. Our classrooms have ample sunlight and all of our locations have a sophisticated security system. Come visit our world class facility and see for yourself what our child-centered universe” is all about.

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