Cultural Diversity in Education - Bucks County, PA

January 14, 2018

Cultural diversity is an important aspect of any balanced educational program. At Right Steps ® Education, our mission is to provide children with a learning environment that will foster their love for learning. As part of our commitment to provide a nurturing and enriching environment for each child, we embrace the concept of cultural diversity.

Right Steps ® Education provides their teachers with curricula and learning materials that incorporate a broad range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This respect for cultural diversity is what makes our educational setting so unique. The Global Education program offers children at our preschool to become a part of many learning experiences. When it comes to providing a learning experience that lasts a lifetime, Right Steps ® Education knows how to do it.

The teachers at Right Steps ® Education work diligently to guide each of the children through their experience as diverse learners. In addition, each of the teachers agrees to a non-discrimination policy that is in alignment with the federal law and the United States Department of Agriculture. Right Steps ® Education does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability race, national origin or sex. In addition, Right Steps ® Education is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Children who attend Right Steps ® Education are always provided with an educational experience that opens them to a variety of activities and learning models. Each of our teachers makes it a point to expose them to some of the most engaging learning tools available.

With so many preschool options available to parents nowadays, it’s important to make the best choice for you and your child. Right Steps ® Education strives to be a nurturing, stimulating and unique facility for families who want to provide their children with the best that a preschool has to offer. Cultural awareness is just one of the many benefits that children who attend Right Steps ® Education walk away with.



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