Doing the Right Thing

December 21, 2019

We often hear about people “doing the right thing”. Of course, the law already exists to protect us from people who do bad things like harm others and damage/steal property.

But that’s just a baseline. What does “doing the right thing” mean? It’s important to teach the meaning of this to your child, so let’s look more into what it means to “do the right thing”.

Doing What’s Right For You

Children develop a sense of identity early on, meaning they realize they are a unique, separate human being from a young age. Thus, you should teach them that they are responsible for “doing the right thing” for themselves.

Doing the right thing for yourself could include many things:
Giving your best effort at anything you do
Always learning when you can
Taking care of your health through healthy eating and regular physical activity
Taking responsibility for your safety

Teach your kid this, and they’ll learn to always strive for greater, as well as to take care of themselves.

Doing the Right Thing at Home

It’s important to teach your child how to get along with others. Since they live with you, this is a perfect opportunity to teach them how to do the right thing at home.

Doing their chores
Keeping their room tidy and organized
Refraining from fighting with siblings
Using good manners

Doing the Right Thing at School

School can be a tumultuous time in a child’s life: they gain a tremendous amount of independence, which can be both good and bad. In addition, they are now in the form of “society” for lack of a better word, so failing to do the right thing can have worse consequences.

Doing the right thing at school could mean

Working hard
Making friends and maintaining a friendly demeanor
Getting to class and turning in work on time
Staying organized
Seeking help when you need it
Standing up to bullies – In a nonviolent yet assertive fashion, letting bullies know bullying is not ok
Helping classmates with schoolwork
Being kind to others

In Public

Outside of the home and school, you’re a part of a much larger community. Doing the right thing outside in public could look like the following:
No shoving or pushing, especially in public place – Everybody has an equal right to feel safe and comfortable in public
Using good manners – leaves a good impression, leads to better experiences
Not raising your voice or swearing – this makes people feel uncomfortable or unsafe

Teach Your Child to Do the Right Thing

Knowing what the right thing is and how to do it is an important part of becoming a functioning member of society. Teach your child early on how to do the right thing in all aspects of life – you’ll be doing them a huge favor.

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