Getting Ready for Preschool in Bucks County, PA

July 31, 2018

Starting school is a huge event for children. Parents often have many questions about what to expect and about how to get their children prepared for the big day. At Right Steps Education, we know that parents want what’s best for their children so we’ve come up with a few pointers to help them prepare.

First and foremost, preparation should be both informative and fun. Preschoolers are full of imagination and wonder, so helping them get ready for their first day of class should be focused around how to best enjoy the experience. Learning while having fun is the key and we can help you get started.

  • Use spaghetti letters.

Cooking is a great way to get your child ready for preschool. Cooking teaches a child how to follow directions and how to work cooperatively, as well. For this activity, you simply need to cook some spaghetti and then form letters out of the strands.

  • Categorize items.

Another great way to help prepare your child for preschool is through categorizing. After you go food shopping, you can sort your groceries into categories such as canned goods. Produce and packaged items. You can also use categorization skills when setting the table or when loading the dishwasher.

  • Play “Simon Says.”

Playing “Simon Says” with your preschooler helps him or her learn how to follow directions and listen to instructions.

  • Coloring.

Sitting down and coloring with your preschooler is one of the best ways to develop fine motor control. You can also help your child learn colors that he or she might not already know.

  • Practice sorting.

Having your child help sort laundry is a great way to learn shapes and colors. This repetitive task also helps with identifying patterns and colors.

  • Explore emotions.

Parents and caregivers can download an emotions chart and then place them on magnets. You can ask your child to put a specific chart on the fridge and then let him or her use it to express his or her feelings. Children who can easily express their emotions are more prone to use appropriate behaviors in the classroom.

  • Try a sensory bin.

Children love to put their hands into different materials and a sensory bin can be a great way to explore. A sensory bin of oatmeal and salt is a great way to hide small cars or other little toys for your child to seek and find. Sensory bins help cultivate a love for exploration and they help develop hand-eye coordination, as well.

  • Look for signs.

You can either take a walk or take a drive with your child to look for signs that begin with different letters. You can write out the alphabet or even just part of the alphabet and then have your child point to the letters he sees on the signs that match his or her sheet.

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