Parenting Trends for 2018

February 21, 2018

Parenting is hard work. If you’re a seasoned parent or even a mom-to-be, then you probably want to stay up on the current parenting trends. At Right Steps ® Education, we help parents make smart choices and we’ve got a few of the top parenting trends of 2018 to share. By learning more about the top trends, you’ll be ahead of the curve for the upcoming year.

1. Longer parental leaves

One of the top parenting trends of 2018 is longer parental leaves. New parents who are planning on taking their leaves in 2018 will be able to spread their employment insurance benefits over the course of 18 months now instead of only 12. Many employers have recognized the importance of allowing mothers and fathers to stay at home with their new babies, so the trend is one that we think will stick.

2. Wooden toys are in

Many of us remember growing up surrounded by plastic toys and while they haven’t gone completely out of style, many parents are opting for wooden toys in 2018. Many parents are opting for natural wooden toys in an effort to encourage their children’s’ imaginations. Wooden toys are also much quieter than their battery-operated counterparts. Many online sellers provide a host of wooden toys to choose from, so parents will never run out of ideas.

3. Modern nurseries

Modern day nurseries are embracing bold and mature styles. The frilly nursery décor of pre-2018 is making way for the new and parents can expect to see large prints and wallpapers, similar to the styles that you might have found in your living room. Neutral blacks and whites are also popular. Parents who need a few ideas for their nursery can check out images online or even visit a few boutique children ships in their area.

4. Tracking tools

Nowadays, more parents want to utilize technology to ensure their children’s safety. In 2018, you can expect to find more apps and devices that let you keep track of your kids. Some of the new apps allow you to track your child throughout the day and some even let you freeze their phone until they reply to a text.

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