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April 26, 2016


Right Steps ® Education is an innovative preschool and childcare center devoted to inspiring the personal and intellectual development of every unique child. Right Steps ® believes in providing quality education and childcare in a safe and nurturing environment.  Each center offers after-school programs to further enrich the educational needs of its children and summer camps are also available.

As part of its effort to promote global education, Right Steps ® offers materials and curricula that encompass a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  The Global Education program provides children with the opportunity to be a part of diverse learning experiences.  The teachers at Right Steps ® guide the children toward a place of understanding and confidence so that they might better learn how children around the world live on a daily basis.


Children who attend Right Steps ® learn that they are important citizens, and that they have a unique place in the world.  They begin to relate and compare their lives to the lives of children on many other parts of the globe by taking part in enriching and memorable lessons.  This exposure to a variety of exciting materials teaches children to value diversity in their own communities and encourages them to extend their horizons far beyond our borders.

At Right Steps ®, global education is represented in numerous ways throughout each facility.  Programs include images and works of art from around the world, as well as dolls and toys from various countries. Children’s literature is selected to promote an understanding of ethnic and cultural diversity. Music and songs from around the world are incorporated into learning experiences in every classroom.  Cultural and ethnic diversity is a thread woven throughout the curriculum, and is supported each day so that the children grow up in our ever-changing culturally rich environment.


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