Summer Camp in Bucks County

May 31, 2018

Right Steps Education is a boutique preschool with both Bucks County and Philadelphia locations. Right Steps Education is known for its commitment to childhood education and integrative curricula. At Right Steps Education, every child is provided a nurturing start to early learning. We always make sure that the children in our program receive an appropriate level of instruction and we always ensure that their individual need are met at all times.

Our summer camps provide the same level of commitment and care to early childhood. Each of our programs is designed to offer both engaging and exciting activities that include activities, experiments, games and music. Any child who wants to have a memorable and enjoyable experience is encouraged to sign up for Right Steps Education summer camp today.

Right Steps Education provides a summer camp in Bucks County that is available for children up to age 12. Our camps were created to give children an opportunity for socialization and fun at our safe and beautiful campus. Summer camp at Right Steps even includes filed trips. If you are looking to provide your child with a great opportunity for fun and adventure, then a summer camp program through Right Steps might be the perfect option.

If you think that your child would benefit from social skills development, communication skills and leadership building, then sign up now for one of our summer camps and find out what we can do to enrich your child’s summer experience. Summer camp at Right Steps will also help foster self-respect and character building. At our cams, we emphasize community living, caring, citizenship and fairness.

Children are also taught about responsibility, resourcefulness and resilience. We take the time to teach about the importance of personal competencies, as well. These include self-identity, self-worth, self-esteem and self-respect. In addition, summer camp at Right Steps also helps instill a sense of positivity and a love for fun.





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